Financial Institution – Temporary Cooling


A maintenance client of Donnelly Mechanical in the financial services industry was informed by their building of a planned shutdown. The client needed temporary cooling for their critical operations which included their server rooms and data closets. Commercial buildings have both emergency and planned building shutdowns to facilitate repairs, maintenance, building infrastructure upgrades, and critical failures. 


Donnelly assessed the space and determined that this financial client was in need of 10 temporary cooling units, not including additional backup units that were supplied. The shutdown took place over a weekend and began with the delivery and setup of the temporary cooling units on Friday. Donnelly Mechanical’s Director of Health & Safety along with a Service Supervisor and two field Technicians were all on-site for the unit setup. All units were turned on and fully tested.

Saturday, a technician came twice to ensure the temporary cooling units were working sufficiently. On Sunday, after a successful all-clear completion from the building, Donnelly turned off the portable cooling units allowing for uninterrupted operations for the client.  


Donnelly Mechanical’s expert team ensured that every aspect of the delivery, setup, and temporary cooling solution was taken care of. Server rooms are a critical space, filled with a lot of mission critical equipment. Knowing your surroundings and being careful is paramount, which is why our team is always diligent about the spaces they are working in. When finished, Donnelly turned off and removed all portable cooling units while also ensuring proper startup of the client’s main system, all with zero downtime.

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