Emergency Waste Water Cleanup and Air Quality Testing


Donnelly Mechanical was contacted to assist with a major remediation project for an existing client whose corporate office space was affected by wastewater damage. The damage was a result of a neighboring tenant’s sewage line leak which took place on the floor above.

When the flood occurred, the client initially reached out to a vendor that specialized in water cleanup, restoration services, and mold mitigation and remediation. When that vendor failed to meet the needs of the client for proper clean-up, Donnelly was approached to handle this emergency.


The client’s large office complex was seriously affected by waste water damage that occurred as a result of the flood. The client’s main concern was not only the cleanup, but also the indoor air quality of the facility. Aside from mold, wastewater includes bacteria and other microorganisms which can affect the health of the building’s occupants.

Once Donnelly came in, an assessment of the space was made, and a strategic remediation and testing plan was put into effect. Donnelly had to assemble the right team needed for the job quickly, ensuring enough manpower was on site to meet the project needs. The cleanup required 24/7 attention as well as project management flexibility to facilitate adjustments that needed to be made on demand.

The site was fully contained, cleaned and sanitized. Donnelly dehumidified the space, performed duct cleaning, installed air scrubbers, HEPA filtration, and provided frequent mold, fungi, bacterial and indoor air quality testing.


Donnelly’s expert planning and project management ensured that the space was thoroughly cleaned, tested, and restored for safe occupancy according to the client’s required timeframe. The additional urgent tasks requested by the client that needed to get done in short order were also completed with streamlined efficiency and expediency. Donnelly’s constant and consistent communication ensured the client was kept up-to- date every step of the way, eliminating their frustrations and confirming their needs were being met with professionalism and quality.

As the client’s trusted HVAC service provider, Donnelly stepped in and went above and beyond the existing preventive HVAC agreement to ensure proper clean up and protection of the facility’s indoor air quality.

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