Electric Chillers Installation in Corporate High-Rise


The base building’s existing steam absorption chillers, that provide the large-tonnage central air conditioning, had served beyond its useful life and needed to be replaced. After judicious consideration of all the factors, the client opted to replace their existing absorbers with new electric chillers. Electric chillers offer a number of key benefits such as higher COP (Coefficient of Performance), lower equipment purchase cost, a 50% savings in required floor space, shorter installation time, and overall reduced energy consumption for added cost savings.

Serving a long list of premier tenants, it was important to the client that the project be completed in a timely fashion, avoiding both unscheduled downtime and additional costs.


Donnelly Mechanical won the competitive bid and was awarded the project, which included:

  • Project planning, 3D modelling, and management;
  • Removal of the existing steam absorption chillers from the mechanical room on the 13th floor;
  • Managing the rigging;
  • Hoisting and installing two new electric chillers (900-tons & 2050-tons) to the 13th floor mechanical room;
  • Installing critical electrical equipment to power the new chillers;
  • Installing 3 Liebert split system A/C units on the 61st & 63rd floors (to cool critical electrical equipment);
  • Modify and reconfigure ductwork and piping.
We really appreciate Donnelly’s expert project management and attention to the details, including managing the rigging that lifted the 900-ton and 2050-ton chillers from the truck up to the 13th floor through the curtain wall. It’s difficult to do a project of this size without any issues.

Chief Engineer at Boston Properties

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