Expert Insight & Guidance for Commercial HVAC Issues – Rely on Donnelly’s System Analysis & Commissioning Group

Donnelly’s specialized Systems Analysis & Commissioning Group for commercial HVAC leverages decades of experience to uncover key performance issues and provide expert guidance to achieve peak performance cost-effectively.

As a result of the booming construction industry, projects are moving at an extremely fast pace. Unfortunately, this has led to a mindset to “just get it done” versus “get it done right.” Inexperienced contractors are being tasked beyond their capabilities. More and more, we are coming across HVAC systems that have been improperly installed and/or commissioned, significantly impeding the system’s ability to perform effectively and efficiently.

Donnelly’s Systems Analysis & Commissioning Group is your trusted partner to uncover the issues that are affecting the performance of your HVAC system. After a thorough analysis of the entire system, Donnelly will provide a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations that outline what’s critical now and what can be addressed over time. Our team will help you to understand how your HVAC system is performing, where the issues lie, and how to cost effectively achieve optimal performance.

Get the HVAC Performance Information and Expert Guidance You Need to Cost-Effectively Achieve Optimal System Performance.

Services Offered Include:


  • Commissioning HVAC systems under a year old that were improperly installed and started up by another contractor/engineering team


  • Commissioning HVAC systems that are more than a year old and not running efficiently OR were never properly commissioned
  • Local Law 87 (LL87) Compliance Services
    • Survey and analysis of energy use
    • Ensuring correct equipment installation and performance of base building systems


  • Full system inspection and analysis to identify problems that are causing ongoing issues such as comfort, airflow, sound, and performance. A comprehensive report of findings and recommendations will be provided.
  • Complete Indoor Air Quality testing to WELL building standards using the latest technological advancements in environmental instrumentation application software that produces LEED compliant reporting
Efficient HVAC Systems

As a 35-year veteran within the commercial building industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Donnelly Mechanical on many projects, both large and small, throughout the past 30 years. One of the more recent projects I’ve worked on with them was the first phase of an ongoing HVAC unit retrofit. The project, although extremely complex, was a great success. We received the professional experience I’ve come to expect from the Donnelly team. Their support, communication, and ability to finish the job properly and on time is second to none.

-Chief Engineer, Silverstein Properties

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