Financing for Commercial HVAC Improvements & Upgrades

Improve Your Bottom Line and Exceed Your Sustainability Goals While Offsetting Capital Investment

Donnelly Mechanical’s financial stability enables us to offer our clients a broader level of financing opportunities.

EnGage is an integrated solution combining Donnelly’s technical, financial, and operating expertise to respond to the needs of facility improvements without draining your capital budgets.

EnGage allows our clients to invest in high-efficiency commercial HVAC equipment without major upfront costs. Affording companies a path to immediate cost savings through energy efficiency, as well as decreased downtime with more reliable HVAC equipment.

What we do

Donnelly will install, finance and maintain your high efficiency HVAC equipment under 1 service contract and 1 fixed fee.

What you get

  • Avoided Capital Outlay: ENGIE takes on up to 100% CAPEX
  • Adaptable contract term of 36 to 84 Months with competitive APRs
  • Cost Savings from Day One
  • Technical Expertise
  • Reliability with high-quality systems
  • Increased systems efficiency
  • Improved occupants’ comfort and experience
  • Continuous improvement plan
  • Progress towards your sustainability goals

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