October 5, 2021

October is a unique time of year because it falls between the heat of summer and the chill of winter, and as such, the fall season is ideal for a thorough commercial HVAC system maintenance inspection and tune-up.

Commercial HVAC systems in buildings experience similar shifts at this time. During this period, it is critical to ensure that your building’s HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency, and a preventative maintenance inspection performed by a skilled commercial HVAC contractor can help you maintain higher levels of uptime and energy efficiency while prolonging the life of HVAC equipment for your large corporate building or space. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of regular fall maintenance for commercial HVAC equipment, as well as some helpful fall commercial HVAC tips that will ensure your system is ready for the upcoming cold weather months.


  • The Importance of Fall Commercial HVAC Maintenance
  • Fall Commercial HVAC Tips for Your Commercial HVAC Equipment
  • Fall Commercial HVAC Maintenance with Donnelly Mechanical

The Importance of Fall Commercial HVAC Maintenance

With cold weather on the way, it’s critical that all HVAC systems be in functioning order to offer consistent heat and comfort throughout the winter season for building occupants and climate-sensitive equipment.

A fall HVAC maintenance plan is essential after your system has been operating on high-performance the entire summer. Preparing your heating and cooling system for cold conditions helps guarantee that your building remains comfortable throughout the winter. 

Additionally, as part of regular commercial HVAC maintenance, an examination may be performed to detect any hidden problems with your system. As a result, you may prevent an unpleasant malfunction, which always seems to occur at the most inconvenient of times — especially when you need warmth the most in the frigid winter months! 

Fall Commercial HVAC Tips for Your Commercial HVAC Equipment

During the frigid cold of a New York City winter, HVAC malfunctions are simply not an option for many commercial buildings and their occupants. To strengthen the overall life and performance of your commercial HVAC equipment, consider the following as you prep your commercial system this fall:

  • Be proactive with planning for your fall commercial HVAC maintenance. Schedule your heat start-up for your commercial building ahead of time to ensure your space receives service before an influx of seasonal maintenance requests hit contractors.
  • Inspect or test heat-specific components of your system for proper operation, including glycol concentrations, heat tracing, sump or crankcase heaters, and space heaters.
  • Finally, ensure that your system’s low ambient controls are functioning properly, including fan cycling, dampeners, and water regulating valves.

Fall Commercial HVAC Maintenance with Donnelly Mechanical

Hire a highly-trained commercial HVAC contractor with proven expertise improving energy efficiency, fine-tuning existing HVAC systems, and providing best-in-class servicing to get the most out of your commercial HVAC systems.

The HVAC preventive maintenance services provided by Donnelly Mechanical keep your systems operating throughout the winter while finding cost-saving possibilities. For further information, contact our team today


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